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Fun With Linens

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Fun With Linens

Betsy Zelek

Each of our events has a 'decor' element to it -- whether that's uplighting, gray or white pipe and drape, colorful signage, potted ferns for the stage, and of course florals.  Every event has a color scheme; in most cases, that scheme is dictated by the brand palette of the client.  And because we do so much work in healthcare, there's lots and lots of blue!

But every now and then, we get to have fun with linens.  And we love that.

Specialty linens can be costly - some more than others - but they add so much to a room.  Interesting textures, vibrant colors, distinctive patterns can make a real difference and can actually support the brand if used correctly.  

Often, we will use a basic solid poly linen for most tables, and then introduce a specialty linen for the hi tops, the registration table, or even for just a few of the dining or buffet tables.  This limited use of specialty linens is a good way to watch the budget while still introducing an interesting decorative touch that even the most serious clinical presenter can appreciate.